Leadership Team

Patty Klinger, Director of Implementation and Payroll Services

Patty was the first key hire for PROXUS shortly after the company was started in 2003 and was responsible for conversions, implementations and service for our clients. When potential clients call our references, Patty’s name is most likely mentioned as she works very closely with every client through their first few payrolls.

Patty started her career in payroll with ABC Payroll in 1984 as a data entry person following her sisters and mother’s footsteps. In 1992 after ABC was acquired, Patty joined Total Data as a Customer Service Representative and became the Supervisor of Customer Service at American Payroll Centers following the acquisition of Total Data. Through a series of acquisitions, Patty gained experience working on multiple payroll platforms gaining additional knowledge within payroll and tax filing.

Patty demonstrates her passion for “getting it right” and helping clients day in and day out.

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