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PROXUS' HR Services Group Announces New Core Management Team

PROXUS is pleased to announce a focused restructuring of its Human Resource Management Services Group that consists of multiple promotions and increased responsibilities in several key management positions.

This new management structure will allow the HR Management Services Group to enhance service delivery while better leveraging its collective HR expertise, and will also promote continued professional growth among its team members.

The new core management team consists of the following:

Tammy Sosnowski, Director of HR Solutions
Tammy, former HR Manager, joined PROXUS in 2002 and has most recently been responsible for overseeing PROXUS’ HR Staffing services. In addition to continuing her work within HR Staffing, Tammy will also help launch and manage the HR Solutions Center, a new offering that provides businesses with transactional and tactical HR support. Tammy’s new responsibilities include developing and implementing protocols for enhanced service delivery, researching and communicating regulatory compliance changes, and managing the HR Solutions Center team.

Matt Roessler, Director of HR Client Engagement
Matt, former HR Consultant, joined PROXUS in 2012. In his new role he is responsible for overseeing the Human Resource Outsourcing lifecycle, from prospect engagement through successful client onboarding. Through his unique skill set and expertise, Matt is responsible for sales and business development, including identifying and cultivating strategic relationships, as well as incorporating into new client engagements those processes and tools that enable PROXUS to provide efficient, cost-effective solutions for workforce management.

Cash Taylor, Director of HR Client Services
Cash, formerly a Senior HR Consultant when she joined PROXUS in 2014, will now play an increasingly important role in resource planning and deployment. In her new position, she will establish and manage protocols for HR Review product offerings, identify and organize management training offerings, and support ongoing sales activity.

Barbara O’Shea, Senior Director and Compensation Practice Leader
Barbara continues in her role as Senior Director and Compensation Practice Leader, strengthening the Group’s project management, resource planning and allocation and critical analysis, while also increasing its HR consulting capacity. Barbara has brought a wealth of experience and knowledge to her role at PROXUS over the past nine years. Going forward, her healthcare industry expertise will position her to pursue additional opportunities within that market.

Gail Masayko, Director of Finance and Administration
Gail, who continues in her role as Director of Finance and Administration, will serve more broadly as a resource to the Group, particularly in monitoring key performance measures and advising on financial implications of operational decisions.

In addition to their expanded responsibilities, Tammy, Matt, Cash and Barbara will continue to manage, coach and develop their teams and deliver expert guidance and support to clients directly.

Each member of our new core management team has been a key contributor to our group’s success,” said Jeff Green, Principal at PROXUS and head of the Human Resource Management Services Group. “These changes provide an opportunity for the entire team to grow, and for us to provide enhanced client service.”

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