Business Owners and C-Level Executives
Today's business owners and C-level executives are often pulled in multiple directions - human resources, sales, marketing, customer service, finance, operations, technology, and more. Often times, non-core yet critical areas such as HR, payroll, and benefits draw your focus away from the activities that truly serve your customers and grow your bottom line. As your company expands, you want to invest limited capital, precious resources and - most of all - your time in the areas that will drive further growth.

At PROXUS, we understand the challenges faced by business owners and C-level executives. We offer a comprehensive suite of HR and payroll solutions that can be customized to meet the unique demands of your organization.

Many small to mid sized organizations cannot justify the cost of adding a full time HR executive to their staff. With PROXUS you can have an HR Professional on your staff and only pay for the time they spend at your organization. We have clients who only use an HR professional for as little as a half a day per week or two days per month.

With PROXUS as your partner, you select the services you need – when you need them – giving you maximum flexibility as your requirements change. Through our experienced and dedicated team of professionals, combined with our high-touch personal service, we add measurable value to our clients.

> Challenges:

  • Limited Time and Resources
    Day-to-day issues detract from long-term
    strategic focus

  • Keeping Employees Engaged
    and Productive

    How will you ensure employee satisfaction

  • Administrative Pressures
    Transactional activities further drain your time

  • Grow the Bottom Line
    You need tools and information to make smart
    financial decisions

> How PROXUS Can Help:
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