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ReportingRequireReporting Requirements for Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance

PROXUS Legal NewsThe Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (the Affordable Care Act), requires that employers report the aggregate cost of employer-sponsored health insurance on form W-2 beginning with calendar year 2011 (reporting was not mandatory for calendar year 2011 W-2 forms issued in January of 2012).

For calendar year 2012 (W-2 forms issued in January of 2013), reporting of the aggregate cost of health insurance is mandatory for employers who issued 250 or more W-2 forms for calendar year 2011. Employers issuing less than 250 W-2 forms for calendar year 2011 may voluntarily report the cost of health insurance but are not required to do so.  Click here to get the entire article complete with a reporting requirements Table.



PROXUS Payroll

 IRS_FAQIRS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for the
Additional Medicare Tax

The following questions and answers provided by the IRS give employers and payroll service providers information that will help them as they prepare to implement the Additional Medicare Tax which goes into effect in 2013. The Additional Medicare Tax applies to individuals' wages, other compensation, and self-employment income over certain thresholds; employers are responsible for withholding the tax on wages and other compensation in certain circumstances. The IRS has prepared these questions and answers to assist employers and payroll service providers in adapting systems and processes that may be impacted.



Q. When does Additional Medicare Tax start?

A. Additional Medicare Tax goes into effect for taxable years beginning after
    December 31, 2012.

Q. What is the rate of Additional Medicare Tax?

A. The rate is 0.9 percent.


<<Read more>> to access the complete IRS Basic FAQs and Employer and Payroll Service FAQs. 



PROXUS Human Resources

CaseStudyCase in Point: Child Abuse Prevention Organization in Crisis Outsources HR Needs to PROXUS

Case in Study: Family ConnectionsBrief: From time to time, PROXUS features a client using one - or many of our services to successfully improve the efficiency of their organization, chart a new course or resolve challenging workforce-related situations. A growing segment of PROXUS' business is in the not-for-profit sector and we are currently assisting over 100 not-for-profit organizations manage the business of employment. PROXUS is pleased to feature Family Connections this month.

Situation: Earlier this year when Traci Hearne took over as Executive Director of Family Connections, a child abuse prevention organization serving Colorado Springs, she quickly discovered that she had inherited a host of problems. Traci identified numerous concerns in the Human Resources area having to do with unpaid bills, uncollected grant funds, directionless staff and a rapidly deteriorating reputation in the community.  <<Read the entire Case in Point here>>  

"I owe PROXUS a huge debt of gratitude for quickly assessing and prioritizing our needs. We were the ones in crisis at that moment. Their expert assistance allowed us the time and confidence to continue to serve our clients while resolving some fundamental internal problems. My thanks to Greg Gast and the PROXUS HR consultants for your assistance."


Traci Hearne, Executive Director

Family Connections



PROXUS Payroll

HappeningsIndustry Happenings

Central Tax Bureau of Pennsylvania (Centax) Agrees to Transfer Accounts to Berkheimer and earlier this month issued a press release announcing that they signed a mutual cooperative agreement with H.A. Berkheimer to transition all contracts with existing tax collection committees (TCCs) for Act 32 compliance and other municipal contracts.  <<Read more>> 




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