June 2012


Issue No. 34


PROXUS Payroll

GrowthPROXUS Reports Positive Growth in the First Half of 2012

PROXUS Adds 39 New ClientsPROXUS welcomed 39 new clients in January and April 2012. Many of these clients have made the decision to make the switch to PROXUS based on the strong references from our existing clients. We would like to thank those clients for the strength of their referrals. We continue to grow our team of HR and Payroll Professionals to ensure we continue to provide excellent service to our base of over 600 Payroll and Human Resource clients.   <<Read more>>



PROXUS Human Resources

CaseCase in Point: PROXUS' HR Consulting Guides Living Branches Through Complex Affiliation Process

Case in Point - Living Branches
verview: Living Branches is an association of not-for-profit continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs) sponsored by the Franconia Mennonite Conference of Mennonite Church USA. This month, we feature their successful affiliation process that took place over the course of the last few years involving the coordination of HR-related services for all employees. PROXUS has been proud to assist the Living Branches HR Team as an extension of their department with several key projects.

Living BranchesSituation: Living Branches was faced with the challenge of integrating three separate operating entities - each with its own unique set of workplace policies, pay structure and corporate culture - into one new and unified organization.

Solution:The PROXUS HR team first conducted an audit and assessment of the HR functions at each of the individual communities that comprised the Living Branches association. Over the next three years, the PROXUS team worked collaboratively with the HR Department and Living Branches leadership to develop an employee handbook, to map recruitment processes and procedures, to integrate job descriptions, and to establish an organization-wide compensation model. <<Read the entire Case in Point here>> 


"PROXUS greatly assisted us in making major changes in the HR-related functions of our organization without major disruption to either our employees or our residents. Their assistance allowed us to continue to function smoothly in executing the regular, day-to-day HR work that didn't "take a break" while our affiliation work took precedence."


Kathy Shott, Chief Human Resources Officer

Living Branches



PROXUS Human Resources

 OptimizeOptimize Talent Management to Drive Performance and Profitability

By David Jardin, CPA

Considering that people costs, including salaries and benefits, comprise a very large percentage of most companies' overall spending, it is vitally important to run talent management like a business in order to drive maximum return on investment in people. This article briefly introduces a simple talent management framework and set of business practices called the iTM Systemô. iTM stands for integrated talent management.    <<Read more>>




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