January 2013


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WorkplaceViolenceWorkplace Violence: Are Your Employees Protected?

Prevent Workplace ViolenceIt has been just over a month since violence devastated the community of Newtown, Conn., and since then, our nation continues to discuss and debate the subject of gun control.  Although this tragedy took place in a school, we could not help but think about the organizations we serve, and raise the following question: Are you prepared to protect your employees against workplace violence?    <<Read more>>

FACT: Reported workplace violence costs U.S. businesses approximately $36 billion per year.


**Click here for Bloomberg BNA's complete guide on workplace violence.  



PROXUS Payroll

W4_20132013 W-4 Form Now Available on PROXUS Website

2013 W-4 FormWhat should you do if an employee writes "exempt" on the withholding portion of the W-4 form, or claims a very high number of withholdings?

The IRS has finally made available the long-awaited 2013 W-4 Employee Withholding Allowance Certificate form. You may access your free copy here.  

PROXUS offers employers some guidance when confronted with these circumstances.  <<



PROXUS Payroll

ByTheNumbersPayroll by the Numbers: Key Tax-Related Amounts for 2013

Payroll by the NumbersPROXUS offers a quick-look guide to help you brush up on some of the tax-related numbers and important changes for 2013: 

  • $17,500 - the limit for tax-deferred employee contributions to a Section 401(k) plan,Section 403(b) plan, or Section 457 plan for 2013.  
  • $5,250—the legislation permanently extended employer-provided education assistance (Section 127 of the Internal Revenue Code) on Jan. 1, 2013, which allows an employee to exclude from income up to this amount per year in educational assistance at the undergraduate and graduate level regardless of whether the education is job-related.
  • $4,300 - the maximum amount of annual out-of-pocket expenses for covered benefits allowed for individual medical savings accounts.  For family MSAs, the amount is $7,850. 
  • 56.5 cents a mile-the standard mileage rate for 2013, which employers may use to reimburse employees on a tax-exempt basis for the business use of their personal automobiles. For 2012, this amount was 55.5 cents a mile.

    <<To view and print all the numbers, click here>>



KudosKudos from Our Clients  


"You guys are awesome! Thanks for always being so responsive and on-point with all of our needs! Very much appreciated!"

Ben Smithee
Chief Executive Officer
Spych Market Analytics
Dresher, PA

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